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The Gift of Height

Tall Girls,
If you have not noticed, your height is a gift.
Handle with care because if you do not than others will not either. Stand tall and embrace your gift.
Not everyone is given the opportunity!

SIH KT 6'3"


Wednesday, April 6

Spring is Here! NOT!

I don't know about you BUT spring is not here in VA. It is like a clash of the seasons and I hate it.

The weather going up and down means the little people get sick along with me.

I am looking forward to the warm weather so I can complain so

I have also decided I would like to be cold versus hot. Because when you are cold you can bundle up but when you are hot and have to be outside, you cannot take off your skin to cool off.

Anyway at this rate, we might not have warm weather for a while here in VA.

We still have the beautiful trees though :)

I hope you all got to look through the Feb issue of the Tall Girls Journal. If not, you are missing some good information. You should check it out.

Volunteers are still needed too. If interested email: The writing material can be about anything you have experienced as a tall girl. I know I have many stories to tell but I prefer to hear them from other tall girls. This shows me that I am NOT ALONE in the sometimes struggle of being a tall girl.

More to come..................