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The Gift of Height

Tall Girls,
If you have not noticed, your height is a gift.
Handle with care because if you do not than others will not either. Stand tall and embrace your gift.
Not everyone is given the opportunity!

SIH KT 6'3"


Saturday, September 27

Why I like being tall

When I was younger (under 20 years old), I thought my height was a curse. Now that I am older, I love it!

I am 6 foot 3 inches barefoot. I am taller than the average tall girl. And, I love to wear heels.

So on some days I will be 6 foot 7 inches. Can you imagine that??!!???

My father is 6 foot 9 inches explaining where I got my height.

I enjoy that people simply do not bother me. I have a very drama free life because in many cases I am intimidating to most. So, I love that my height makes people back off with the silly games that people play with one another each day.

What do you love about being tall?