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The Gift of Height

Tall Girls,
If you have not noticed, your height is a gift.
Handle with care because if you do not than others will not either. Stand tall and embrace your gift.
Not everyone is given the opportunity!

SIH KT 6'3"


Wednesday, December 31

Resolutions Anyone? Happy New Year, Tall Girls!

Time is going by so fast!

Have you decided to do something different for the new year and years to come tall girl?

I have decided to continue adding to the literature on tall girls.

My goal is to create a safe place for young tall girls to come and discuss matters associated with being a tall girl.

So far my efforts have not gone ignored. I know one tall girl that has decided to create her own blog after gaining motivation from this one. I think that is a wonderful idea!

The more the merrier! The idea is to help one another cope and make wise decisions.

Decisions that reflect that we are comfortable in our TALL skin.

Happy New Years to you all and many many more to come.

PS. Proceeds from the book "The Tall Girl Experience: A Short Book for Young Tall Girls" goes to tall girl mentoring efforts. So, buy 1 book and another goes to a young tall girl for free!

Thursday, December 25

Merry Christmas!

To those that celebrate....

I hope you have a jolly Christmas, filled with smiles and great food and conversation!

Sunday, December 21

Tall Girls & Bad Attitudes?

In reading one of the responses to whether short guys are intimidated by tall girls, I stumbled on a comment that said, tall girls are mean.

Do you think tall girls are mean to each other or to boys/men that are shorter?

In cases where I have been firm (I prefer to say rather then mean) was when the guy or person did not get the hint and follows me around trying to hold a conversation.

My hints blatantly say or show that I am not interested in talking to him/her but some people just do not get it. In the person not getting it, firmness becomes most appropriate (and works for me).

Other then that, I don't bother being firm because it is easier to simply move away from the person.

What do you think? What have you done when a shorter guy that you were not interested in kept chasing you around town or the nightclub?

Saturday, December 20

Propose a Topic

This post is for those tall girls and fans that want to discuss something more specific than what has been previously posted by KT. Be sure to come back to see what KT and other tall girls have said about your topic of interest.

From this point forward, a request for topics will be posted every month.

Wednesday, December 17

Tall with Short or Long Hair?

I was visiting a fellow tall girl blog and she was having a brief conversation about her new hair cut (which I think is very cute!). But, she ignited the topic of hair.

I told her that short hair makes me feel

Long hair fits my long narrow face but I think short hair can be very fun. And, in some cases compliment the face of some tall girls.

The way I combat my different likes with hair length, is to wear short in the summer and long in the winter.

It works! What about you, tall girl?

Saturday, December 13

Annoucement: Tall Girl Photos Needed

Do you want to be a featured tall girl on this blog?

Lets show our tall girl pride and give tall girls a face!

If you are interested, send at least 2 pictures of yourself (without others in the picture) for everyone to admire on this blog - no nudity please.

In sending your picture, you are agreeing to have it posted on this blog and you must be over the age of 18 (sorry young tall girls).

Once I get enough pictures I will begin to feature tall girls.

In sending your photos, please send to and be sure to tell me your name (aliases are ok), height, age, and location.This way I can have something other than your height to share with others.

This should be fun!

Those interested in mentoring younger tall girls, please be sure to let me know that as well.

Thanks, Ladies.

PS. Reminder requests will be posted each month from this point forward. I really would like to see this take off in an organized fashion.


Wednesday, December 10

Seasons Greetings!

Yup! I am still around.

This holiday season has been quite busy for me but not so busy where I could not find the time to check in and share a tall girl experience.

For the Thanksgiving holiday, I decided to visit another state. In leaving Virginia, I temporarily left my comfort zone as I knew it.

While visiting others far away from home, the confidence of a tall girl can really be tested. The stares come from different eyes and you are tasked with trying to fit in the new environment, along with trying to enjoy the time spent with others.

There is no place to run (like home). As I have gotten older, I have really began to notice the comfort I get in being able to go home, getting away from the stares and questions.

Nevertheless, during the holiday season, sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone and enjoy the time spent with those we care the most about.

Happy (remaining) Holidays!!