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The Gift of Height

Tall Girls,
If you have not noticed, your height is a gift.
Handle with care because if you do not than others will not either. Stand tall and embrace your gift.
Not everyone is given the opportunity!

SIH KT 6'3"


Tuesday, November 30

What is your (TALL PERSON) nickname?

This is a shout out post for those nicknames given to tall people from shorter people.

More was said about this in the Tall Girls Journal on p. 14.

The ones I was called were: Slim, Minute, Skyscraper, Hightower, Jolly Green Giant, and I am sure I am forgetting some.

What were yours?

Any time I get a name now I just giggle and say "well at least I am not sitting on a roadside curb swinging my legs, little bit"

I have learned, it is easier to just go with it then against it.

Are tall women paid more then short women?

On p.14 of the Tall Girls Journal, someone takes a stance that tall women are paid more then short men.

Do you believe the hype or is there more to it then height?

I wonder if people with false teeth eat more then people without them.

Just being silly BUT what do you think, tall girls? Do you think this is true? Is it just the height that is fattening our pockets?

Jonathan wants a chance, Tall Girls

Did you all get a chance to read what Jonathan had to say about those that follow tall women?

It was on page 13 of the TGJ.

Are, we tall women being to hard on those guys that like to date and follow the happenings of tall women?

Just because they come off creepy does that really mean they are creepy?

What is your take?

Size 0 Debate / Tall Girl Boycott

This was brought up on p.10 of the Tall Girls Journal

Well the word has gotten out, the MODELS we see on tv aren't really that tall.

Also, people have started to notice that the models look NOTHING like the day to day people we see or associate with.

Hmmmmmm It will be interesting to see how everything unfolds on this topic.

With the modeling industry pick up some taller tall girl (i.e. over 6 foot)? I think the demand is beginning to call for it.

We shall see.

Meanwhile those plus size women are doing it BIG!!! It seems as if they are loving their new spot in the light.....I encourage them to continue aiming high. I like seeing variety when I watch tv.

What are your thoughts on this topic?

Are you a tall girl seeking a Mentor?

I know exactly who you can go to for a mentor. If you are seriously interested let me know!

It is important for you to understand that you are not the only tall girl with issues associated with height.



Height Calculator Results - Discussion

Hey! Did the height calculation work for you in the Tall Girls Journal (p. 6)?

My eyes were crossing up when I tried it.

Was it at least close to your current height or did you get frustrated and put it down?

Let me know.


Links - November 2010 Tall Girls Journal (TGJ)

I am so excited to announce that the November 2010 issue of the Tall Girls Journal (TGJ) is out for light reading and review. Tall girls worked very hard in putting it together and I really hope everyone enjoys!

We have already started to recruit volunteers for the Feb 2011 issue. Based on the high response this first time around we are anticipating lots of participants the second time around. Remember, the issues come out every 3 months so there is a lot we can collect in 3 months. For more info go to the events sections of the Tall Girls Journal on facebook. There you will find ways of thinking about what stories you can share with us about being a tall girl.  Tall girl admirers are welcomed as well!!

In final, below are the links to sites mentioned in the Tall Girls Journal for your use. (p.2)
Tall Girls Journal on Facebook
Growing Taller Guide (p.6)
Colleen Smith (p. 7)
WebMD and Women's Health Research (p.11) (p.18) (p.22) (p.22) (p.23)

List of Resources, per Steve Zarella (p.24)

Height Site
The Tall Street Journal
Tall Houston
Tall Clubs International
Tall Women’s Club
Not Much Fits UK
Tall Girl Writes
Tall Women’s Resources
Tall Corina
Tall Expression Magazine
Too Tall? Sometimes You Think So

Tall United (p. 25)

Enjoy your holiday Season!!


PS. If you did not receive the journal, you did not sign up as requested above or you did not confirm via email. Maybe the confirmation email went to your spam box? Either way, we want you to receive the journal, it will be sent out again 12/30/10 and 1/30/11. It will be available for public viewing after 2/28/11 here and on facebook.

Sunday, November 28

Tall Girls Journal - November Issue

Two more days until the November issue of the Tall Girls Journal is released.

Those who have signed up at before 11/30/10 will receive the journal via email.

To those that sign up after 11/30/10, the issue will be sent again on 12/30/10 and 1/30/11 via email.

The November issue of the journal will be available for general public viewing after the release of the Feb 2011 issue.

If there are any questions or special requests email

Thanks for your support!!

Women's Health: Natural Defenses in Preventing and Treating Cancer

Women issues are associated with being a tall girl. That is the one big thing we tall girls AND short girls have in common - WOMEN's HEALTH.

Tuesday, November 23

The Tall Community

In mingling a bit with the Tall Community, I have noticed some discomfort with my gradual appearance in the community.

First and foremost, I don't live my life worrying about what others think of me but at the same time I do acknowledge shifts in energy or a resistance to change.

To all those that are taking actions for the tall community (photography, blogging, selling, etc.), I, along with other young tall girls, are appreciative of your efforts!

Information sharing should NOT be a competition. It is a time to value the knowledge base available.

I remember a time when there was a huge void in reference to TALL GIRLS. In other words, no one catered to the tall girl community. Long legs, arms, fingers, feet, etc. were ignored and there was NOTHING available for us tall girls.

Now I am so pleased to see all of the resources!!

To those who are in a competitive mode in reference to followers, listeners, subscribers, etc., you can count me out.

I love what I am doing and really enjoy the drop jaw responses from the young tall girls who find out they are NOT alone in having the "Gift of Height"

Enjoy Your Holiday!!!


PS. Doesn't that turkey look YUMMYYYYYYYYYYY!!???

How To Improve Posture and Look Taller

Sunday, November 14

Tall Woman and Banter

In this clip, it seems as if things were OK from the beginning and then the men begin to taunt her. Towards the end it seems as if she was becoming uncomfortable and wanting to shy away.

This is the kind of attention that makes being tall so uneasy for some women. What are your thoughts?

I know the clip is short but you can kind of get a sense of how things are unfolding.

Tall Women's Clothing - HEIGHT GODDESS Line Review

Tuesday, November 9

Per Chris, Mistake about Heels?

Chris says..."I have to correct something. It's a mistake almost everyone makes, men AND women. Sometimes it seems like I'm the only one who knows the truth LOL Regarding heels.... a 4 inch heel (measured at the back of the heel like the manufacturer does) does NOT add 4 inches to your standing height. Not even close. It adds more like 2 3/4 inches. I've done the measurements with a girlfriend and several height of heels. Try it yourself ! Have someone measure you very accurately, standing barefoot or in stockings against a wall. Now put on various heights of heels and have them measure you. I guarantee you'll be shocked. The higher the heel, the more the difference ! My girl had a pair of 5 inch heels, we measured her in them, they added exactly 3 1/2 inches to her standing height"

So when someone wears a 1 inch heel they stay the same height????????

Height comparison

Saturday, November 6

How WHOLE is Your Heart?

I thought this presentation by BB was a good message and could apply to more than just non profit agencies. Enjoy!

How WHOLE is Your Heart?