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The Gift of Height

Tall Girls,
If you have not noticed, your height is a gift.
Handle with care because if you do not than others will not either. Stand tall and embrace your gift.
Not everyone is given the opportunity!

SIH KT 6'3"


Sunday, February 27

Eventful Day

For the last few days I could not catch up with my editor for the journal.

Talk about someone freaking out??? Yup! That WAS me.

It just so happen that there are some really intelligent people participating in the journal and I was able to find a back-up editor. If you all could see me, you would see me jumping for joy and simulataneouly trying not to hit the ceiling

I want to thank you all again for all of your feedback and discussion.

I foresee the journal becoming more and more interesting with each issue.

Thus far the Feb 2011 issue is on schedule and will be coming out via email on 2/28.

If you have not checked out the November issue you can go to the top of this page to be redirected to the link!

Looking forward to the input AND volunteers to contribute to the May issue by writing on donating monies to the cause!


Monday, February 21

Facebook Troubles

Hi Tall Girl Supporters and Friends,

I apologize for not being on FB or Twitter for some time now BUT for some odd reason, Facebook has disabled my account and will not explain to me as of why.

So I am here out on my own trying to figure out what to do next!

If anyone has any suggestions for me, please do let me know because I have had it with FB!! This is one of my highest levels of frustration.

On a brighter note, the (Tall Girl Journal) TGJ Feb Issue is still scheduled to come out Feb 28!

I have more contribution then ever this time around BUT I am still going to keep the journal to a max of 30-35 pages. I don't want you all getting overwhelmed.

Kat Smith, Manuela Horn, Tall Jo and many others have decided to contribute in the Feb issue. I can't wait to get it out to everyone.

Also, this issue with have a shoe giveaway along with $100 gift certificates to tall girl shops/stores.

The Feb issue of TGJ will be sent via postal mail to those followers that don't really check their email or are not so computer savy.

Bear with me everyone.

It can be difficult keeping good things together because every hurdle tries to be the show stopper. This (TGJ) is my love and I will keep bringing it to you with the help of volunteer models, editors, and contributors.

I hope everyone enjoyed there Valentine's and President's Day,

More to come.....