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The Gift of Height

Tall Girls,
If you have not noticed, your height is a gift.
Handle with care because if you do not than others will not either. Stand tall and embrace your gift.
Not everyone is given the opportunity!

SIH KT 6'3"


Monday, December 13

(Repost) - Links for November 2010 Issue

Links - November 2010 Tall Girls Journal (TGJ)

** Original post was placed on on 11/30/10.

I am so excited to announce that the November 2010 issue of the Tall Girls Journal (TGJ) is out for light reading and review. Tall girls worked very hard in putting it together and I really hope everyone enjoys!

We have already started to recruit volunteers for the Feb 2011 issue. Based on the high response this first time around we are anticipating lots of participants the second time around. Remember, the issues come out every 3 months so there is a lot we can collect in 3 months. For more info go to the events sections of the Tall Girls Journal on facebook. There you will find ways of thinking about what stories you can share with us about being a tall girl. Tall girl admirers are welcomed as well!!

In final, below are the links to sites mentioned in the Tall Girls Journal for your use. (p.2)

Tall Girls Journal on Facebook

Growing Taller Guide (p.6)

Colleen Smith (p. 7)

WebMD and Women's Health Research (p.11) (p.18) (p.22) (p.22) (p.23)

List of Resources, per Steve Zarella (p.24)

Height Site

The Tall Street Journal

Tall Houston

Tall Clubs International

Tall Women’s Club

Not Much Fits UK

Tall Girl Writes

Tall Women’s Resources

Tall Corina

Tall Expression Magazine

Too Tall? Sometimes You Think So


Tall United (p. 25)


Enjoy your holiday Season!!


PS. If you did not receive the journal, you did not sign up as requested above or you did not confirm via email. Maybe the confirmation email went to your spam box? Either way, we want you to receive the journal, it will be sent out again 12/30/10 and 1/30/11. It will be available for public viewing after 2/28/11 here and on facebook.

Saturday, December 11

No, I don't play basketball, Manuela Horn, ACT

This is very cute! Manuela is a woman who knows how to have fun.

Be ready to giggle on this one!

Friday, December 10

Baylor Women's BBall players dunking Basketball!!

WOMEN'S BASKETBALL: Highlights vs. Texas State [HQ]

by Baylor Athletics (videos)

2:37 Brittney Griner joins Candace Parker as the only two females to tally two dunks in a game as the Lady Bears cruise to a 99-18 win over Texas State.
Check out the video

Tuesday, December 7

Tall Girls - Being tall means.....

Complete the sentence ladies. What does being tall mean to you.

Are you completely different from others or is it just a height difference thing?

What is your story.

Be advised that your response may appear in the Feb issue of the Tall Girl Journal aka TGJ (no names will be used unless told otherwise).

We can be contacted at if you would like to appear in the TGJ or you want your name listed with your content.

Friday, December 3

Ann, Dallas Tx - America's Next Top Model Contestant

Ann of America's Next Top Model has finally accepted her beautiful gift of height!!

She has tall parents (6'3" mom 6'6") and a brother (6'7" @ 15) that is still growing.

Ann you are beautiful, Tall Girl!!

Continue to keep loving you!!

Link enclosed.