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The Gift of Height

Tall Girls,
If you have not noticed, your height is a gift.
Handle with care because if you do not than others will not either. Stand tall and embrace your gift.
Not everyone is given the opportunity!

SIH KT 6'3"


Tuesday, October 14

Do you think tall girls intimidate men/boys?

Based on some of my experiences, I can say that some men are intimidated by my height.

For example, in going out with friends, I have noticed men pacing the room to build the confidence to approach me.

I know it seems arrognant to say this but I really believe it. I believe that some men never really build the confidence to approach tall girls; therefore, they never get to experience the many other things we offer, as women.

That said, maybe it is not confidence that holds the men back. Maybe, they question the born gender of the tall girl. There are some cases where there are tall girls that were not born female.

But, that is not the question at hand.

I want to know do you (tall girl) think that your height intimidates men/boys?


Jheri said...

Yeah, no question some are intimidated. I have a lot of come fairly close trying to measure themselves against me. It varies by country. Not much in Denmark or the Netherlands, where people seem to be tall anyway, but a lot in Spain, Italy and the US.

But I'm intimidated by some guys, so it goes both ways.

If there is a guy I'm really interested in for some other reason sometimes I have to be the one who asks. Some of those, including the best boyfriend I've had, have been initially intimidated and have said so, but give me an hour just talking to them and all of that goes away.

Probably because I'm pretty flat-chested I get guys coming up and asking if I'm female or not (I am and always have been!). That really bothers me. These guys sometimes make some very crude comments.

But I tend to ignore these insecure guys. I am who I am and nothing will change that. If there is a guy I'm interested in who happens to be shy, I'll break the ice and get to know him. It took me a long time to figure that out, but you are who you are.

Anonymous said...

Boys are silly!

if they stop thinking about the physical they can really find a gem!

nolander_e said...

Good evening there all.
I can find approaching a six foot plus lady some-what intimidating, not in the sense of fear but more like a feeling of anxiety and speechlessness, especially in the case where I'd really have the eagerness to meet her. It would be my dream for a tall lady to break the ice and approach me. That hasn't happened though.
By the way, I'm a 22-year-old lad at 5'7" (170cm).

Anonymous said...

When i was younger I may have been intimidated but no logner. Now I even look for tall girls to talk to.

Height is a beautiful thing ladies and we, boys and men will eventually learn to appreciate your given beauty.

Spike said...

No intimidated in the sense of fear, I am a short very muscular guy so it is imposible a tall girl can have the same strength as me, but yes I feel intimidated in the sense of my confidence decrease because I know some tall girls don´t like short guys no matter how handsome or in shape we are.

For luck the are only a few of this kind of tall girls, but when you approach a tall girl you never know and that sense of uncertainty decrease your confindence in some way.

Anonymous said...

I'm a small guy 5ft 7 and i have to admit that I am intimidated by taller girls and have been for the past ten years. I fell inferior to them even though I am a reasonably attractive guy. Life is hard if you are a small guy particularly when women always say they like tall men

KT. TallGirl said...

Hey 5'7" guy - you have not met all of the tall girls yet. Maybe the ones you stumbled on had a height preference but there are some tall girls without a height preference for men, like myself. There is no real reason to be intimidated for tall girls are still girls/women. The height does not change our emotional state when it comes to courtship (or at least I dont think so).

kiki said...

that's funny - just last week i was out at a club, hanging by the bar with friends when this adorable girl came up to me and told me that her guy friend had wanted to come and talk to me but then decided against it because he was too intimidated (i'm attached so no loss for me, but still interesting to know...i hadn't noticed the guy in question but i was a bit worse for the drink and, obviously, not looking for anyone either).

she then told me that i was beautiful and that any time a guy doesn't come up to me i should know it's just because they are too scared to :P haha what a sweet girl. it's always nice when you get positive comments on a night out, instead of ignorant ones.

i can't remember ever being hit on by a guy who was significantly shorter than me (i'm 6'1), most often it's those who are around my height or slightly shorter. i'm sure it's intimidating, but no more so than approaching anyone you find super attractive...

Anonymous said...

Im tall, and I have honestly had guys come up to me and just flat out say "you intimidate me, I wish you were shorter" or they will say that I make them nervous. These have all been shorter guys, and that stinks because I sometimes like shorter men.

My advice, men, is dont be intimidated. I know its obviously easier said than done, but just because a girl is tall, doesnt change her mind and most certainly doesnt mean she is only attracted to tall men. I and many other women will say that we are attracted to confidence, not someone that we feel like we make insecure.

Anonymous said...

I'm the 5ft 7 guy and yes I agree that not all gir... I'm the 5ft 7 guy and yes I agree that not all girls have a height preference but its very hard for a short guy to feel manly next to a tall girl. I find it extremely hard to go up to taller girls and start shooting the breeze whether its in a night club or somewhere else. Also is it my imagination but I find alot of taller girls are quite MEAN towards shorter men

Its a self esteem thing I know but its made me hate tall girls and feel resentful that I wasn't taller myself

Anonymous said...

Why the heck are guys so willing to write a girl off immediately just because she is tall? A lot of time, a tall girl portrays such confidence because she has learned to deal with this throughout her life. Guys need to realize that this is SEXY! So, tall girls... stand tall, wear heels, and only date guys that have enough balls to appreciate a woman for her personality and not just judge her on her height.

Anonymous said...

I'm a taller than avg. guy (6-4) who has a preference for tall girls or at least close to my height. I dated a tall girl who was actually taller than me. I totally enjoyed her company, but I got to learn first hand the attention a tall girl attracts in the general publics eye. There are so many looks, stares and comments behind our back and sometimes blatantly to their faces. We were a very tall couple and "stood out" in a crowd. I can't say I enjoyed that kind of attention everytime we would go into public places. Even my own family couldn't fight back the urge to make comments about our height. As for being intimidated by her height I don't think I personally was, but I did get a weird sensation when she would wear any kind of heels. She wore 3 inch heels one time when we went to a dress up situation. She was 6-5 barefooted and 6-8 with those shoes on. I found myself consciously and unconsciously standing up as tall as I could when we were standing together. I also for the first time really felt like a short person next to her. I know she was self conscious about her height and most of the time chose not to wear high heel shoes so for some reason I thought me appearing taller would make her feel better. I actually bought a pair of shoes that had pretty thick soles to add a little height to me. I laugh at that experience now, but at the time I thought I was doing her a favor.

Anonymous said...

nothing should come if its true love. physical things are short lived.
we need to socially accept that women can be taller than man and there is nothing wrong in it.

Eduardo Dante said...

Hello, Im from México.

I guess im not normal, because I can apreciate the beauty of things or people without compare with me. I dont know if Im writing what I want to say. I'll try to explain my self:

If there is a beautyful woman, that is it: a beautyful woman. Taller, older, smarter, heavier, etc, than me, that doesn't change the fact that she is beautyful.

I dont feel intimidated, I feel atracted to tall women. Not to all tall women, because what I like is the -elegance-. "Tallness" (I dont know if that word exist) gives some elegance to women. But, if there is a tall woman who doesn't like her own height, she whould bend her back and good bye elegance.

I had a girlfriend 11 inches taller than me (Im 5'7'' and she is 6'6''). She is impresionant by her self, and being with me made us even more striking. But she has never accepted her height and she started to make me pay for that, I tried to help her but she didnt whant to change so... good bye girl, I don't know how but you achieved to be unhappy with an extraordinary gift.

I still love tall women. I think that they are specially elegant, but it seems hard to find one that has that charming eyes. Most are a litle bitter or cocky.

Im going to play "led zeppelin - going to california" hahaha.

Lee Vervoort said...

I must say, tall women do not intimidate me. Of course, I'm 6'2" but I just like tall women and wish I could meet a nice tall lady. I also agree that the inside should be appreciated just as much as the outside. Tall ladies, you're beautiful. Don't ever feel uneasy about your height. :)

Jonathan said...

Being 6 ft tall, tall women don't intimidate me however, there are others that are. Personally, I think tall women are quite attractive & height adds to their beauty.

Anonymous said...

Women can intimidate men by using their beauty, brains, personality, or (for tall women) height. Intimidation is not necessarily a bad thing. It gives the woman a level of control over the relationship.

Some men want the woman to be in charge of the relationship. Tall women should be aware that some men desire female-led relationships and wife-led marriages. For those men, a level of intimidation is a plus. Tall women have a tool of intimidation by virtue of both their height and their feminine option to increase their height and erotic power by wearing heels.

How does a woman spot men who will tend to want her to be in charge? In the March 19, 2010 entry of her blog called "Woman in Control," Lady Grey suggests what she calls the "shoe dangle" as a foolproof way to find such men.

Intimidation is also an important tool for success in the business world. I've heard of a tall woman who always put on heels to go to a business meeting where she would be negotiating something. She felt it gave her a little extra advantage.

So my suggestion to tall women is this: Instead of worrying about being intimidating, learn to use your power of intimidation to get what you want. You may find that you enjoy it.

Chip Bell said...

Your absolutly right, your height does intimidate men , a lot of us any way, the reason being the pure garbage that is pumped into men's heads from the time we are children. Society traines us for heavy labor and for military/ police applications. We are taught to be the meanest toughest blah blah blah. we are taught to "be a man" as if being a man somehow makes you special
(believe you me, it doesn't) Not only are men intimidated by tall women but short men often suffer from "Napoleon Syndrome" I don't know how many short or small men I've known who were aggressive , loud abusive etc because they were trying to compensate for their lousy height.
Of course tall women too often seem to suffer form the reverse of it some even cry because they don't meet the frail and vulnerable stereotype (ad nausium)
The harm done by these gender roles must be incalculable.
As a man who absolutely loves tall women (just standing next to one can make me swoon) I often wonder what the women are thinking like "is she a brainwashed girly girl" or "does she think I'm a jerk who is intimidated by her height?" It can be really tough with all this crap flying around you kind of get to be collateral damage weather you buy into this crap or not.

nics1200 said...

How could you be sure that a guy is intimidated? Maybe he is just in awe and thinks that there is no way that such an vision would even look in his direction - as shown in another discusion on here "do you date or like shorter guys".
If a guy is intimidated he must be a fool, so just move on. You will definitely be appreciated elsewhere!

Oz-Bloke said...

I’m 188cm (6’2) tall male. I have always had problems with women who are imitated by my height and the fact that I’m rather shy person makes it quite hard to find a date. I think it may be easier for an already tall male to get a tall (or taller (I have only ever met one girl taller than myself in my community)) date than a shorter one as they would be less imitated by height. I find myself in a difficult place as shorter girls are usually imitated by height, tall girls are very rare at best

Anonymous said...

Yes, I do believe most men are intimidated by our height. Im 6'1 and I get that all the time. They stare at me and then make comments towards to me to catch my attention instead of just walking up and talking to me. It seems that the shorter men will try before another tall man will step up.

Grady said...

Why can't tall women step up to the plate and make the first move on a man, especially if he's shorter than she is? You just might find him attractive so why not? Really, it doesn't happen as much as it should in this world and it's time for a change.

Tall women can be quite imposing, but never intimidating. To me that is. I am so turned on by taller ladies and I love their long legs, but my 5'5 frame doesn't do it for them. Spike is right. They can be the cruelest and meanest of all women and I can understand why men, even tall guys avoid approaching them. It comes to a point when knowing that you're going to get rejected is better than dealing with the act itself. The eyes and the face always tell the story. I don't approach any woman who returns my smile with laser beams in her eyes looking to burn holes in my head in disgust. That's enough of a hint for me to stay away from you. Besides, the vibe I'm getting from the tall women on this forum is that they are sick and tired of short guys approaching them and wished more tall guys had enough guts to do so.

Chip Bell said...

I will approach tall women and I don’t mind if they approach me. I don’t have to get involved with them if the chemistry doesn’t work, we can still have fun, go get a cup of coffee or something, talk about social issues, philosophy, cars, computers or who knows what she might have in her head as far as interests that I never even heard of. I can talk about almost any subject as long as the woman isn’t some degenerate druggy or low life but you can tell those types pretty easy. I don’t really get the impression that women on here demand a man be as tall as, or taller than them. Some probably do for various reasons. Unfortunately some of those women want their daddy to protect them like when they were 8 years old. That’s sickening stuff, but not every woman who likes taller men is that way, they could be like me and just love the larger than life effect you get the man’s power and grace and eloquence. It‘s just that we have all these social problems with the anti woman, male as protector / provider stereotype generated by a society that doesn’t take women seriously or consider them responsible adults or actual people from the look of things. If we can get rid of that crap and raise healthy well adjusted people who respect others as equals we will have a much easier time in life, and that goes for all of us.

The Real American Idiot said...

Tall women do not intimidate me at all, that having been said, I am a painfully shy and self conscious person who has diffuclty approaching a woman I find attractive be she 6'8 or 4'9- I just feel awkward PERIOD. The more attractive the woman (To me) the more I "Crawl into my shell" as it were. otherwise, I'm fine. I once worked with a girl who was 6'4, and very attractive, and I desperately wanted to just say some darn sort of thing or another, but the pessimist in me screamed "No Way in H-e-Double Toothpicks is she gonna give the south end of a rat about you"
But it her Height that was off-putting, I was just plain old infatuation (It would have been the same had she been a foot shorter as pretty as she was)

2Short said...

Tall Girls intimidate me since i'm a guy 17 y.o. and stand 4'4" tall barefoot. It's difficult to be so short when all girls are taller then me. grrrr

timmy said...

I feel intimidated near tall people male or female . I'm 5ft 9 short standing next to a 6ft plus woman makes me feel uneasy I feel myself standing on tiptoes . Its not right for men to look up to women makes me feel inferior . Always dated women shorter than me . That's how it should be

Anonymous said...

I was reading your blog, and I had to write about my experiences in trying to meet and date tall girls, so as to offer a shorter male’s point of view.
When I was 24, I met a divorced woman, 32 who was 5’11”. I am 5’8”. It was a brief affair, but I just could not get over her long legs and curvy broad hips. She possessed a tapered waist which only accented her curvy hips ever further. Because of her, I developed an appreciation for long legs and the natural curvy hips of a tall woman.
I moved into a singles apartment complex in Houston. In this apartment complex, there was a loose knit group of men and women. In this group was Heidi, 5’11”, early 20’s, blonde hair, blue eyes and attractive. I remember one time she was standing before me at the complex pool, while I was sitting in a chair. She was wearing a white 2 piece bikini. I looked up through her long tanned legs to those broad hips, and my memories came back. In the few times we talked, she never expressed any interest in me, so that was that.
One Saturday, during the summer while at another pool in the same complex, I was with 2 or 3 other guys, when another man I knew walked up to us and mentioned that he had proposed to Heidi. She had turned him down, and he wanted anyone in the group who knew her, to put a good word in with her for him. To say the least, we were all stunned that a guy would say this to a group of acquaintances. A few months later, while at my pool, I overheard two girls talking about Heidi turning down two other men. I do not know if these girls were talking out of envy or were mocking the two men, but this showed that Heidi was getting the attention of men. (Fast forward 12 years, one child and one divorce later.) A friend of mine wanted me to join a singles dating organization. I said before I join, I want to see what some of the girls in the organization looked like. He obtained about 20 photos of the women with their biographies. It must have been photo 8 or 9, but there was Heidi. Her name appeared on the top of the page, with her photo below and two paragraphs about her life. I remember this one phrase, 34 years old, never married, no children.
I thought, how could this be? If she were not the most desirable girl in a social gathering, she certainly was one of the more desirable girls. Three men offered to marry her, and there must have been more. This made me wonder how many other women had squandered their youth and fertility due to unrealistic requirements placed on any man they would consider dating.
I am now married, with sons 11, 7 and 3 along with a son 22 from my first marriage. I am a good father and husband. I give my boys attention and time. They have electric motorcycles, pedal carts, bikes and all sorts of video games. I have traveled to 22 counties and 20-30 states across the US. I have 3 degrees, and I have co-authored a US patent. I have made over 6 figures for 10 plus years. I wanted a taller girl because of the physical turn on and to for fill one of my desires, yet not one single tall girl (20’s) gave me a chance. I was turned down consistently and without a second thought.
So, if you find yourself in your late 20’s or early 30’s with no prospect of a husband or children in the immediate future, you have no one to blame but yourself, just as Heidi discovered. There were men like me, who wanted a leggy female, but they, like me, were never accorded the opportunity. So my advice would be to accept the advances of men and get to know them. Throw away the yardstick, for you may find someone like me, who would love to share his life and love with a tall girl and give you a good life.

KT. TallGirl said...

very well said Anonymous and if any tall attractive golden legs tall girl reads this she will be unable to reach out to you.

I can say our legs speak before we even get a chance in many cases. The warm weather here in the US is a great time for tall girls to flaunt their height.

Heath said...

(if i start to sound like im "all that" in this comment, im not trying to, im not "all that")
im 16, 9th grade, and 5'8 boy and im not intimidated by tall girls? in fact, id rather date a taller girl, i wouldnt care how tall she is, id date her even if she was 6'9. but... im shy around girls i like, so taller girls i dont know r hard for me to get to know or approach cause 1. i dont know them, and 2. im afraid of being shot down... and there r girls at my high school as tall and taller than me... and last year/2 years ago (december of 2009) when i was in 8th grade (and b4 the winter break) my friend (she was and is in the same grade as me) (shes 13 now) and i went out like during the week of december b4 the break (i was 14, 5'4, and she was 12 and a half inch shorter, 5'3.5) we (moslty me) felt like we should stay friends, so by friday, we broke up. (now even though we broke up, she still really liked me, and i could tell) after the 2 weeks of vacation (winter break) we came back to school. AND SHE GREW. when she said my name when she was standing behind me (i couldnt tell it was her) i turned around and i was only eye level to her chest (she was a little bit flat until this year, probably a B cup, just saying) so when i turned around, she hugged me, i looked up and saw it was her. (now like i said, she still really liked me, even if she was a head taller than me.) from then to a couple weeks later, each day she would give me the longest hugs.
1 day, she came over to my neighborhood to hang out with me and she told me,
her: "heath, i still like u",
then i said,
me: "i know, i could tell"
her: "oh... well... i bet u dont like me anymore... and its probably because of me being taller than u..."
me: "alyssa, no, that is entirely untrue... alyssa, ur beautiful, wonderful, and amazing... and ur height, i dont care about it, u could be 7 feet tall and i wouldnt care... i would just rather be friends... ok?"
and then i hugged her tight, she even hugged tighter.
her: "... ok..." (she was a little sad)
me: "hey alyssa...? look at me for a second..."
her: "hmm....?"
and once she turned her head and looked down at me, i got on my toes and gave her a kiss, i could see her eyes shocked, but then she closed her eyes slowly as the kissed stayed, and she even hugged and squeezed me tighter. as i ended the kiss, she said
her: "heath... thank u... thank u for being such a great friend... thank u for... my first kiss..."
and then she kissed the top of my head once i was back on my regluar feet again and not toes.
me and her r still good friends to this day, but i wont find a girl whos as tall or taller than me who would actually be fine with being with a shorter guy like her again... i wish tall girls would also make a move too, and plus even on guys shorter than them.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gang-

This is Bobby.
I'm 44, 5' 5", and I love big girls. (I love women. [Full stop.] Big, small, and all over the Rainbow.)

I especially love looking up at them. It's so cool to look into a tall-girl's eyes and see that impish glint... O,yeah. (I'd like to do the same to you, too, Missy.)
(My estimation of a person is based on their maturity and intelligence.)

My self-perception is my business. We live in a very bigoted and violent world, and we all have to deal with BS about something.

I'm more than a little prejudiced, though, with respect to a girl's height- I like 'em big. Girls (and I do mean women) who are my height or smaller are either intimidated by my appearance (I'm told that I look 'tough'), or they expect me to carry them over puddles.

B/T girls, however, are not inclined to such silliness. They want to play....
(It's also amusing when they express reservations, with respect to being afraid of breaking me. WhatEVER, GF.)

Liking who and what we are as individuals is a matter of maturity and up-bringing (nurturing), not physical appearance or 'accomplishment'.

If I don't have love for myself, how can I possibly love anyone else?

'Ya feelin' me, Y'all?


(Now get out there and get some. And do it with a smile. You look beautiful when you smile.)


Remember that movie 'A Few Good Men'?

Jack Nicholson has this line: There is nothing sexier than having to salute a woman first thing in the morning.

That's what I love- having that beautiful face of yours looming over me, and planting a full-one right on the lips. Oyeah!

~Ciao, Belle Donne.

Anonymous said...

In a recent (6-7-2011) posting on a tall (6'6-1/2") woman named Jules describes how she enjoys using her height:

"I have a fetish for short men.

"This must have developed while dating my 5'7" ex. And idk why it is exactly I'm so attracted to them... the strangeness of how it looks in public, the feeling of power in the relationship because they look UP to me, or maybe I enjoy bending my knees or arching my back to give them a kiss and playing those height-kissing games. With a taller guy, it's just not as much fun and they seem constantly worried about appearing the bigger man - literally."

That "feeling of power.. because they look UP" is intimidation by another name.

Tall women: Enjoy!

jacob said...

Well my "story", begins 8th grade, I like this one girl who is 5'10"1/2, at the time I was idk like 5'1", but I really liked her more than anyone else, by the time 9th grade rolls round I'm about 5'2"(yes I'm a shortazz) but basically about by winter break I have mo feelings for her at all, nothing, but instead I now like another girl who is 5'9"1/2 and my prroblem was this:1 I am super shy id never talked to her b4, 2 one of her friends liked me and I liked her friend but not as much as her, 3i was afraid she would shoot me down because of my height(thankfully by winter break I was about 5'4), 4 i just cannot even look at her sometimes because I am just so shy and because I think she is incredibly attractive. But anyways to make a long story longer I get possible proof she may like me but I have no idea for sure cuz i text her friend late at night one night and she forgets whos texting her so i say my name and she cant remember me but then says that her friend, theone i like so much knows me, and im thinking how does she know me? Wed never been in the same class room b4 or talked.10th grade year rolls along and now I'm 5'6" which I'm in 10th grade now, and I'm 15. In may she asked out a person I used to know that for most of the time those 2 had been friends, he was about 4 shorter than her. Now they are the same height. And for me she is now in my physics class. I would say yes I am intimidated by her somewhat, for instance when we had to go over to the wall to copy down data from these charts I was right next to her and I couldn't stand being that close to her... and weirdly i fell asleep in there another day and i had forgotten where i was lol but i looked startled when i woke but there she was staring at me multiple times amd not in a weird or curious way either, and whenever I am in the hallways and me and her OR her friend crosspaths there eyes r drawn like magnets to mine I'm not even kidding. you all think I'm a sad excuse for a man. I'm trying though to be better at or. Sry for howvlong this comment was plz forgive me.

jennifer said...

I know for a fact that in the case of most men, my height does in fact intimidate them. They seem to have this thing in their mind that no woman worth their time would dare stand taller then they. And any who do must be freaks of nature of somehow not worth knowing. What they fail to realize is that we did not ask for the height, it was gifted to us and we will not be returning this gift, so they had better just get over it.

Anonymous said...

I'm 5'10 and love my height. I don't feel I'm too tall but people tell me I am. When people notice my height it's usually when I wear heels( that would make me 6' or6'1). Huys usually tell me to take my shoes off to make them feel taller but I don't because I embrace my height and they should too!!!

Anonymous said...

On the iwilldare blog at there is a recent comment from a tall woman named Lucy. She says she intimidates men because of her height, her weight training, and her kick boxing. She describes her boyfriend, who she first met on line and then in person. She is 6'3" and wears mostly heels. He is skinny and 4'9". She finds him adorable and romantic.

Anonymous said...

hello, my name is gary. good topic. I've always been a big admirer of taller girls and i've always wanted to date one but never had the opportunity. there could be a few reasons for that, firstly a stand at 5foot7 which puts a lot of taller girls off going by previous experience and where i come from plus am shy with low confidence. i dont want to sound ignorant but the impression i get from girls in my country is you must be a good few inches taller than them for men to have a chance of dating them or you dont stand a chance as girls love to wear their 5inch high heels (which i love and understand) and dont want to tower over the man. i have heard this from a few girls i used to work with, stating they see it odd to see a tall girl and short man together plus i dated a girl once who was the same height but asked before we met would it bother me if she wore heels and i replyed not at all as i love nothing more than looking up to a taller girl. that started to put doubt in my head a little because a thought she would we be uncomfortable with it and started to think that everybody was the same. whenever i went to pubs or clubs a would look at taller girls in their stunning high heels in awe but never make eye contact or ask them out because i have it in my head that am not in their league because of their height plus a wouldnt like to embarrass myself and also fear of rejection. recently i'v started to feel uncomfortable, intimidated, humiliated with it whenever am surrounded by taller girls because i think they are not interested in shorter guys and think they just laugh at my height. am just going by my experience and i know its not good to judge every tall girl the same as others. my goal is to date a girl taller than me where she can either wear her flats or heels, i live in hope. i wud also like to know what taller girls think about shorter guys? do they just look down at us as midgets and laugh at us at every opportunity because of your superior height difference? i hope my comments havent offended any decent tall girls out there :)

Anonymous said...

I am 6ft 2 and although I may not notice the shorter guys in the room at first I am always happy to chat with them if they approach which they never do if I am standing. I have met some gorgeous shorter men (5ft 6), when I'm siting down they approach we chat and then I see their disappointment when I stand up. They didn't realise my height when they approached and often then they move away after previously being all flirty. So yes I would say my height is am issue for them. Also peoples attitudes make it hard for both tall women and shorter men. People always make the stupidest comments.."she's taller then him!" Even if the height difference is not that great its ridiculous how much it bothers people who know nothing about you and make judgments about the relationship ("she must wear the pants and dominate him in that relationship etc!") All these posts talk about tall women as godesses stunning etc but often we are made to feel like freaks and not feminine at all. My advice is if you are a shorter guy just be yourself and a taller girl who likes you won't care less about it if you don't. If you make us feel feminine we don't care about the height difference.

Anonymous said...

I am a 5ft 7inch guy married guy. My wife is nearly of my height but looks more athletic and stronger than me. Also she wears heel because of my request.

Rather than intimidation, I feel more secure with her and attracted to her when see her her stronger and taller. Because of these I feel like she is the most beautiful women I have even met in my life :)

2Short said...

Well i am a guu snd i stand
4'4" tall barefoot